Trick or Treat: A Deep Dive into Halloween

Boo! Halloween is quickly approaching and many brands are putting the finishing touches on their spooky holiday campaigns. Use the following insights to make sure your approach hits the mark with diverse America.

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Win with Experiences: How Young Americans Engage Though Holidays and Occasions

November 20th, 2019 
2:00 PM

HALLOWEEN affords brands the opportunity to activate in a lighthearted way, be they a candy brand or not. Our latest research on Holidays and Occasions includes a Halloween specific deep dive. Our research revealed interesting insights on how consumers’ perception of Halloween differ from their celebrations, and we have provided you with great brand activations that align with our insights.

1. There is a disconnect between people’s perception of Halloween and how they actually celebrate it. Celebrate all the preparations consumers make for Halloween, rather than just the “night of” party-related festivities.

2. Multicultural consumers are more likely to think that Halloween costumes are culturally appropriative. When activating around Halloween, be careful about what costumes and identities you portray. Steer clear of costumes that involve tropes associated with minority identities.

3. Almost a third of each segment attends a haunted house during the Halloween season. Haunted houses afford brands an extended time period to activate with consumers on the Halloween theme.

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