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Deciphering the emotional states transforming America: key marketing implications

The date when the United States becomes a minority-majority country may seem distant, but the underlying shifts in population are already dramatic.   Our proprietary population model indicates that multicultural America will grow by 22 million in 10 years while white America shrinks by 2 million. Awareness of this pivotal process is increasing every day.  Whether in advertising, in customer service or media, high […]

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gen-Z “Family Values” offers new ground for marketers tapping into cultural themes

In Taking a Stance: Examining millennial and gen-Z political issue positions, we established that despite being more likely than millennials to self-identify as conservative, gen-Z is decidedly progressive in its political leanings. It is possible, however, that gen-Z’s flavor of conservatism is distinct from that of millennials, and it will be important for brands to […]

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Marketers Need to Rethink How to Mix Multicultural Themes and American Cues in Advertising

As advertising approaches a tipping point in the need to appeal across multiple demographics, marketers are asking “what really works across the wide spectrum of identity that is America today?” Our analysis of ads unpacks the conundrum and reveals some startling insights. Despite increasing political polarization and the risk of misfires, more and more advertising […]

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“Family Values” allows marketers to avoid the risks of multicultural messaging

It’s a common assumption in messaging research that multicultural consumers are liberal, but when brands and advertisements try to put this idea into practice, their efforts often fall flat. It is therefore important to investigate the appeal of specific messages on individual cultural segments. Collage Group has sought to explain these differential outcomes, making them a […]

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Culturally-Optimized Consumer Journey Mapping

According to a recent industry survey, nearly 9 out 10 companies currently engage in some form of consumer journey mapping. However, only a handful are truly optimizing their models by activating on the behaviors (steps and triggers) of their multicultural consumers. Furthermore, many fall short when it comes to identifying the points in the  journey […]