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Cultural Intelligence Programs

Through our audience-specific consumer research, Collage Group helps your brand understand, reach, and engage diverse consumers. Our cultural intelligence programs include more than 10 years of insights and nearly 600 studies with new data out weekly.


Dive deep into influential growth segments– Hispanic, Black, and Asian–as compared to White consumers. 


Access consumer research to understand and engage all generational segments: Gen Alpha, Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X and Boomer.

LGBTQ+ & Gender

Explore unique consumer research among the LGBTQ+ community. Go further into gender, with insights specific to Women.

Parents & Kids

Get the consumer research you need to engage and activate parents and kids across race and ethnicity. 

Solutions to Drive Marketing Impact


Measure the Impact of Your Brand & Ads with CultureRate

Assess how your brands and ads rank among diverse consumers vs. your competitors leveraging the largest cultural intelligence database available.

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Consumer 360: Go Beyond Traditional Demographics

Identify new audiences and personas with actionable insights gleaned from intersections of demographics, traits, passions and more.

Deep Dive into Your Consumer Category

Leverage diverse consumer research to understand category performance, get ahead of industry trends, and identify opportunities to increase awareness and intent.

Daily Support and Subject Matter Experts

Get curated insights and key questions answered with dedicated client success support. Tap into trusted SMEs to navigate pressing challenges.

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