Unleash the power of culture to drive brand growth.

The difference is significant – culturally fluent brands are more efficient and effective in connecting across cosumer segments.


Diverse Consumer Research

Through our audience-specific consumer insights, Collage Group can help your brand understand, reach, and engage diverse consumers. Our work centers on helping brands achieve Cultural Fluency – the organizational ability to use culture to activate consumers across race, ethnicity, generation, gender, and sexual identity.


Dive deep into influential growth segments– Hispanic, Black, and Asian–as compared to White consumers. 


Access audience insights to understand and engage all generational segments: Gen Alpha, Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X and Boomer.

LGBTQ+ & Gender

Explore unique consumer insights among the LGBTQ+ community. Go further into gender, with insights specific to Women.

Parents & Kids

Get the insights you need to engage and activate parents and kids across race and ethnicity. 

Upcoming Webinars and Live Events

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Ad & Brand Testing

Assess with CultureRate Performance Measurement

Benchmark the Cultural Fluency of your brands and ads vs. your competitors.

Consumer Research Platforms

Empower with Diverse Consumer Fundamentals

Build connection with insights into social values, outlook, passion points and more.

Insights for Your Industry

Deep Dive into Your Category

Explore culturally driven preferences and behaviors predictive of purchase intent.


Custom Market Research

Access Tailored Solutions for Your Brand

Go deeper with the methodological and cultural expertise of our qual and quant experts.

The Insight Scoop

Stay current with the latest consumer insights from our market research platforms.

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