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Multicultural, Generations and LGBTQ+ & Gender, our subscription-based consumer research platforms, provide a powerful way to stay on top of what matters most to diverse consumers. 

Our platform enables us to continuously engage with America’s top brands, align with their top priorities, discern their most leveraged areas of research and develop the innovations that matter most to their success.

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Consumer Research Data & Tools

Leveraging millions of datapoints, we curate an unrivaled set of insights into diverse America. 

We go deep into attitudes and behaviors, shopping and consumption preferences, and responses to brands and advertising.  But we recognize that insights based on over- and underindexing are not enough.  Our proprietary analytics take insight a step further by revealing cause and effect – what works and why for different segments.

Custom Market Research

Shared cost to startcustom when you need it.

Access to the shared-cost research on our Consumer Research Platforms provides a springboard to generate superior consumer knowledge. Our clients use that insight to increase the ROI on the custom research they need to differentiate the brand with proprietary research. Collage provides a full suite of engagements that take brands to the next level with opportunity sizing, brand health, consumer research and ad testing.

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The Insight Scoop

Consumer Holidays Trends: Thanksgiving 2021

In a not-so-post-pandemic era, it’s essential for brands to keep an eye on the behaviors and attitudes surrounding special occasions. Insights from Collage Group’s Holidays & Occasions research enables you to communicate with your audience authentically and effectively. Fill out the form below to download a sample of the study. 

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