’Tis the Season for Insights into Consumers’ Christmas Attitudes and Behaviors

Christmas is a widely celebrated and much-loved holiday across racial and ethnic segments. And the associated spend is massive—more than 1 trillion dollars in 2018! Brands should go big during this festive season to ensure they capture their share of America’s increasingly diverse population.

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November 19th, 2019 | 2PM

Our recent research on holidays identifies the major similarities and differences in how consumers across racial and ethnic segments think about and celebrate Christmas. Brands should use these learnings to ensure their Christmas activations have wide reach and resonate deeply. Get in the holiday spirit with these three takeaways, and make sure to download a sample of the research, below

1. Across segments, most consumers’ Christmas celebrations include family time, food, and gifts. Brands can have mass appeal by activating on these shared elements.

From your personal experience, what do you need to celebrate Christmas properly?

2. Even though common elements appear across segments, culture shapes how consumers celebrate Christmas. For example, many Hispanics’ biggest celebration is with family on Christmas Eve (Nochebuena), not Christmas day. And Hispanics of Mexican descent often enjoy tamales during this gathering. Brands can differentiate themselves by showing consumers how their product(s) naturally support culturally-specific celebrations.

The way I celebrate Christmas is different from a typical “American” Christmas.

3. While Christmas stems from a common religious heritage, the expression of faith can vary widely. For example, Black consumers are more likely to pray, while Hispanics go to church. In order to achieve an authentic portrayal of Christmas, reflect the nuances in faith for each segment.

From your personal experience, what do you need to do to celebrate Christmas properly?

Download the research.

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