New Year, New Multicultural New Year’s Insights

The New Year’s holiday offers brands a wide range of opportunities to activate Multicultural Americans. Read the research to deepen understanding of how these diverse consumers celebrate the holiday and how best to activate them. Check out the free, digital version by filling out the form.

As we begin this year’s holiday season, it’s important to keep in mind that opportunities to activate consumers continues right through the New Year! New Year’s Eve provides brands an opportunity to be a part of the party, while New Year’s resolutions are a chance to help consumers meet their newly-stated goals in the months to come. To maximize the value of  New Year’s marketing campaigns, check out our New Year’s multicultural insights deck and the three high-level takeaways below.

  1. New Year’s is celebrated by most Americans across all ethnic groups, though Hispanics are particularly likely to enjoy the festivities. Americans 65 and over are less likely than younger generations to celebrate.

2. Although sparkling wine is typically a toasting drink to usher in the new year, other alcoholic beverages play a prominent role in the celebration. Hispanic consumers are most likely to drink beer during their celebrations, while Black consumers are most likely to drink liquor/spirits.

3. When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, multicultural Americans are much more likely to set goals for their new year. Those resolutions are more likely to be related to relationships and finances than the resolutions of their White peers.

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