Five Consumer Insights for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is the annual celebration that commemorates the date the Mexican Army was victorious over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. It is not Mexico’s Independence Day—a common misconception, which is celebrated in Mexico on September 16th.

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In the U.S., Cinco de Mayo is a day of celebration in honor of Mexican culture and heritage.

1. Who celebrates Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday popular among bicultural Hispanics. In fact, 40% of Hispanic consumers celebrate Cinco de Mayo, compared to 13% or fewer for consumers of other races. 

2. Among Hispanic consumers, Gen Z describes the Cinco de Mayo celebration as “traditional”, while Boomers are more likely to describe it as “festive.”

For most celebrants, Cinco de Mayo is not just about tequila and partying.

In fact, hispanic consumers are the least likely to rate their Cinco de Mayo celebrations as lively, rowdy, or over-the-top. However, the polarity in generational attitudes toward describing it confirms  what we already know about Gen Z: they respond to authenticity, making them more likely to appreciate traditional approaches to celebrating Cinco De Mayo. 

3. Nearly half of Hispanic consumers (46%) believe American celebrations of Cinco de Mayo misrepresent Hispanic culture. Authenticity is key when engaging Hispanic consumers on this holiday.

In recognition that Avocados from Mexico has an authentic connection with Cinco de Mayo, the brand launched an experiential and social media campaign called “Guac It,” which asks consumers to share their Cinco de Mayo guacamole recipes.

The brand also partnered with three food trucks located in New York City to give out free food made with avocados.

In order to win over the hispanic segment, brands must make it clear that they know the importance and relevance of the holiday. 

4. Hispanic consumers overwhelmingly choose beer as their drink of choice on Cinco de Mayo.

In 2018, beer giant Corona became the Official Import Beer of the Kentucky Derbyaptly scheduled on Cinco De Mayo the following two years.

During this activation, attendees of the Kentucky Derby could join the Corona de Mayo fiesta”, designed to “remind consumers that Cinco de Mayo is the first fiesta of the year and the official start of summer.”  

Corona’s move to partner with the Kentucky Derby shows how important it is to connect with the Hispanic segment by celebrating their culture.

5. 1 in 4 Hispanic consumers says they always drink tequila to celebrate the holiday.

This year, Jose Cuervo launched #CincoToGo, a social media driven campaign geared toward supporting the small restaurants impacted by Covid. In exchange for a free meal, covered by Jose Cuervo, “customers must dine at Mexican restaurants that have 10 outlets or less, keeping the contest focused on patronizing small businesses.” 

This is a great example of how brands can connect with the hispanic segment and enable giving back to their community. 

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