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Fostering Empathy for Diverse Consumers Across Brand Teams


To realize its mission of bringing “Flavor to All”, an international Processed & Packaged Goods Company recognized the need for a strong foundational understanding of diverse consumers as an imperative for building authentic connection across the total market.

The company had a strong starting point: a diverse workforce, inclusive mission, and credible consumer insights partners (including Collage Group) that provide data across culture.

However, the Consumer Insights team recognized that driving authentic connection would take more than unearthing culturally fluent data. They had to go the extra mile, teach the insights, and foster empathy for diverse consumers throughout their brand teams. 

Learn more about Collage Group’s consumer insights in our Category Essentials for Food and fill out the form to download a sample of the research.


To imbed these deep consumer insights across the company culture, Collage Group designed a partnership solution for the company through our suite of product offerings, which included:

  1. Access to the Multicultural Consumer Research Platform, where they could leverage timely research and content on topics of interest across the company, including diverse consumer digital/social behaviors, attitudes toward holidays and occasions, and more.
  2. Support from Collage Group’s Syndicated Research and SME’s to build a “Multicultural Webinar Series,” with the goal of sharing culturally relevant insights across the organization. The focus was to educate on key consumer segments (Hispanic, Black, Asian, LGBTQ+, etc.). For easy takeaways, each presentation begins and ends with “Five Facts” relevant to the demographic or topic. 


Collage Group operationalized a virtual, companywide webinar learning series (mid-pandemic), which included eight presentations, reaching hundreds of attendees across the company.

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