New Diverse Consumer Insights for Q4 2022

More than 250 of America’s top brands have access to the deep cultural insights needed to engage America’s diverse consumers. Do you?

September 20, 2022
David Evans – Chief Insights Officer


Here’s an overview of the new reports we’re releasing in Q4 2022 and beyond that you’re missing out on.

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2022 Virtual Members-Only Roundtable

In 2022, increasing polarization around social issues has revealed that America’s cultural divisions are likely here to stay. But it has also become clear that the conventional wisdom regarding where various segments stand on social issues is no longer fully accurate. National events are reshaping many of the priorities and perspectives of Americans in unexpected ways. The upshot is that brands may miss the mark if they assume embracing diverse segments requires aligning around a specific activist or political point of view.

To navigate this minefield, brands need a clear understanding of where Americans across diverse segments stand on these issues and how they respond to brand activism. Collage Group’s 2022 Virtual Members-Only Roundtable, featuring updates to our America Now and CultureRate research, will help brands and organizations navigate the challenge of connecting during this period of uncertainty and confusion. Attendees will walk away with insights and tools to make data-driven decisions that will maximize connection.

Category Essentials

Our category-specific research evaluates consumer attitudes and behaviors across specific consumer goods industries. New proprietary deliverables, which include deeper category insights identified by member request, will be made available for each of our four memberships throughout the fall.

Media Habits & Channels

Learn how to connect with diverse consumers by engaging them through media. This quarter we will explore Americans’ behaviors and attitudes related to various entertainment and social media (visual, social, audio). Our research centers on both traditional media and content, as well as new channel preferences.


Through insights gleaned from our CultureRate database, we will unveil lessons learned from top performers across diverse segments. CultureRate provides a one-stop solution for our members’ mounting need for a comprehensive, ongoing analysis of the cultural fluency of their brands. Cultural fluency is crucial to future growth as American consumers become more responsive to multicultural themes, representation, and stories. In our all-new Q4 research, learn how CultureRate continues to be an asset for companies, many which are leveraging the largest database of its kind available and growing annually by over 200,000 responses or 30 million unique datapoints.

Parents & Kids

Create a lifetime of brand loyalty by tapping into the evolving needs of parents and their children. With rapidly changing demographics, families are becoming more racially and ethnically diverse. Discover how your brand can leverage these insights to better engage parents and kids.

Health & Wellness

Health affects every community in America, and is a key area of interest for consumers, especially as we approach a post-pandemic America. Learn more in this exploration of diverse consumer health and wellness attitudes and behaviors, covering payers, providers, and industry insights.


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David Evans

David Evans
Chief Insights Officer

David serves as the Chief Insights Officer responsible for content, data science and innovation. He is passionate about creating the critical insights that can transform the fortunes of our members, informing how we create an unparalleled member experience with our products, and build great places to work.

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