Formerly BrandRate, CultureRate:Brand evaluates your brand rank vs. your competitors on a proprietary measure of brand positioning among generational and multicultural consumers.

Growth requires cultural fluency, the ability to use culture to efficiently and effectively connect across consumer segments.

The Challenge

We live in a highly polarized time when marketing success among one consumer segment can trigger a negative reaction from another. Conventional brand rank methodologies reflect assumptions about the market that do not sufficiently account for America’s dramatic cultural transformation.

 The Opportunity

CultureRate:Brand diagnostic evaluation and brand rank tool helps to identify your brand position vs. your competitors and identifies areas of focus for improving brand performance. Through CultureRate:Brand, you can understand the deep cultural influences that inform how consumers across race, ethnicity and generation experience your brand.

Marketing Efficiency

CultureRate:Brand helps marketers transcend the trade off in between wide and deep appeal.

Brand strategies are traditionally caught in a trade-off between approaches that serve dedicated segments and approaches based on building equity with the general market.

We help you transcend this trade-off. Leveraging our brand health methodology CultureRate:Brand, we reveal the underlying factors that matter most to deepening cultural resonance in general market strategies while increasing returns on investment in specific demographics.

Cultural Fluency

The Brand Cultural Fluency Quotient (B-CFQ) at the core of CultureRate:Brand is a powerful metric that improves favorability and purchase intention.

We measure six factors that matter most to driving the cultural fluency of your brand.

Use B-CFQ to diagnose your brand performance across demographics. Reveal the underlying factors that drive high and low performance.  Develop strategies that specifically address the root causes of underperformance. B-CFQ takes your ad testing a step further by deciphering the drivers of favorability and purchase intent.

CultureRate:Brand Studies

Monthly CultureRate:Brand studies identify brands that resonate with the “New Wave,” consumers aged 18 to 39.

New Wavers grew up with far more diverse peers than any generation in American history.  They look to brands to represent the diversity of their daily lives in ads.

CultureRate:Brand studies examines how brands rank within specific categories or industries via B-CFQ for each segment in the New Wave.  Members can see how well brands rank on B-CFQ by race and ethnicity, and by Hispanic acculturation.

CultureRate:Brand Reports

As part of membership to our consumer research platforms, each member receives one CultureRate:Brand brand rank report.

In our twice monthly reports and frequent members-only webinar series we release category-specific brand positioning reports, which include member brand submissions. These reports review how each brand ranks on B-CFQ, as well as other conventional performance metrics, such as impact on purchase intent and viewer willingness to share. 

Most powerfully, individual reports include detailed component scores, enabling clients to diagnose critical root causes by demographic.

Brand Health Engagements

Use CultureRate:Brand to augment standard brand health tools with deep cultural insights by demographic.

Clients use our CultureRate:Brand methodology on a custom basis to evaluate brands across their entire portfolio, identifying crucial opportunities to optimize brand positioning across the whole business.

Custom CultureRate:Brand studies combine with size-of-prize analysis to reveal not only the business opportunity from engaging multicultural consumers, but also the cultural fluency of the portfolio.

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