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Moving beyond total market strategy is essential for engaging with today's consumer landscape. By focusing on what's important to the consumer, Collage Group's Passion Points research fuels at-scale personalization that could deliver immense growth to your brand.

What Are Passion Points?

Passion Points are the activities and areas of life people of deep interest to consumers. They are the “things” that people prioritize when spending their time, money, and attention. And, they are concrete expressions of culture. Collage’s Passion Point research offers deep insight into 8 Passion Points we know Americans care deeply about. This work offers brands and marketers important tools to win multicultural consumer segments. 

How Do Passion Points Help Brands Engage With American Consumers?

Brands use Passion Points to both extend reach and deepen connection with America’s multicultural consumers. These activations can vary, from authentic creative and brand positioning to partnerships and sponsorships. In all cases, Passion Point research provides critical insight for understanding which activations will be most successful.

Areas of Consumer Interest

Pinpoint The Passions of Your Winning Segment

Hispanic Passion Points

Hispanic Passion Points

What matters most to Hispanic consumers? Collage Group’s latest Multicultural Passion Points study includes key insights into Hispanic consumers to enhance brand engagement and activation.

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