COVID-19 Consumer Behavior Research

The coronavirus pandemic emerged as a once-a-century transformation in the global economy, with radical impacts on trade-flows, consumer behavior, and spending across every industry.

In collaboration with several of our member partners, Collage Group releases regular insights on COVID-19 from our series of surveys of more than 3,000 consumers each.  These insights inform projections of spend and behavior change as coronavirus continues to impact consumer behaviors.

Deep Dive Syndicated & Omnibus Survey

​Consumer reaction to COVID-19 varies by race, ethnicity, generation and gender.

Our research explores how cultural factors such as social proximity, risk aversion and multigenerational interaction impact behavior and motivations across demographics segments.

The results reveal insights on altered purchasing behaviors, such as stockpiling, and long-term behavioral changes.

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Sentiment & Behavior Tracker, Spending Projections & Brand Response

Consumer attitudes and behaviors changed specifically with regard to financial and health concerns.

These changes vary across race, ethnicity, generation and gender.

Our research explores how consumers have altered behaviors, and adopt and adhere to recommended guidelines.

Custom Solutions

Consumer behaviors are evolving, and continue to shift for specific products or categories.

Our research digs deeper to understand how brand-specific marketing efforts are perceived by consumers, and unveils any changes to your size of prize as a result.

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The Latest COVID-19 Insights

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America Now: Mental Health

Mental health is an important issue for Americans – now more than ever. Our 2021 Roundtable Presentation, America Now, offers insights that help explain how Americans are feeling about mental health and what brands can do to support them.

Health and Wellness Across Gender

Health and Wellness Across Gender

Americans are increasingly embracing a consumer mindset when it comes to healthcare. Men and Women alike are shopping around, comparing prices, and seeking more information than they have in the past.

Health Care Across Generations

Each generation approaches the patient journey from a unique perspective. Keep reading for key insights, a downloadable deck, and webinar replay on generational differences in health-related attitudes and behaviors and the emerging consumer mindset.

Our Top 5 Consumer Market Research Reports

In 2020, Collage Members turned to our consumer research platform for proprietary insights into a time of dramatic change. Here, we’ve compiled the six most important reports of last year.

Christmas in the Age of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Christmas: the most wonderful time of the year, even during a pandemic. Keep reading for stats on timeless Christmas themes to lean into this year while pivoting to the realities of COVID.

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