Non-Profit & Charity Consumer Research

Collage Group’s non-profit and charity consumer research delivers deep insights into how diverse consumers’ values, behaviors, and responsiveness to brands and ads impacts the non-profit and charity industry. Over 250 brands, representing more than 14 industries, leverage the Collage Group Cultural Intelligence Platform to understand and win consumers across race, ethnicity, generation, sexual identity and gender.

Non-Profit & Charity Industry Clients​


Category Essentials

Consumers are evolving, and their use of charity services is too.

Examine what excites diverse consumers with this excerpt of our latest Category Essentials release specific to charity. This report includes the latest insights on what influences multicultural consumers’ charitable giving, organizational usage of donations, and personal impact to consumers.



Media is a major aspect of consumers’ everyday lives. Whether social media, video, or audio, Americans dedicate a significant amount of time and attention in this sphere. Collage Group insights help brands efficiently and effectively engage diverse consumers with a deep understanding of where they are going to consume media content, and why.

Holidays & Occasions

Holidays and occasions afford consumers the opportunity to express their cultural traditions and individuality through decorations, food and beverage, entertainment, celebratory activities and more. In this annual Collage Group report, explore how diverse consumer attitudes and behaviors toward holidays and occasions. 

Passion Points

Passion Points are the activities and areas of life of deep interest to consumers. They are the “things” that people prioritize when spending their time, money, and attention. And, they are concrete expressions of cultureCollage Group’s Passion Point research offers deep insight into 8 Passion Points we know Americans care deeply about. 


With a focus on the New Wave of Americans (18-40), the generation setting the pace for growth, CultureRate surveys are measuring ads and brands continuously across the alcoholic beverages industry. The CultureRate database is the largest of its kind available, growing annually by over 200,000 responses or 30 million unique datapoints.


CultureRate:Brand measures brand performance using our proprietary metric, the Brand Cultural Fluency Quotient (B-CFQ). Our deep oversample of diverse Americans offers brand leaders rich insights into how consumers experience their brand(s) across race and ethnicity, sexuality and gender. Use the CultureRate:Brand Explorer tool to discover how diverse consumer segments view brands in the non-profit and charities industry.


CultureRate:Ad measures ad performance using a proprietary metric, the Ad Cultural Fluency Quotient (A-CFQ). It leverages 10+ years of research and expertise in the survey design methods needed to understand diverse America. Built in partnership with 200+ brands across 10 sectors, CultureRate:Ad analyses reveal that culturally fluent advertising can and will resonate across broader audiences if done in an authentic, relatable way.

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