Gen-Z, the Future of Parenting has Arrived


Collage Group recently partnered with BabyCenter to place gen-z alongside current millennial moms to offer an early look at how this young generation of digital natives will prioritize, shop, communicate, and connect when they become parents.

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Porque Soy Tu Madre y Punto: Latina Moms and Mother’s Day

This year, we’re taking a different approach to our Mother’s Day recap.  We’re bringing together attitudes toward parenting and motherhood and Mother’s Day is celebrated. After all, Latina moms play a uniquely vital role in family-centric Hispanic culture.

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Top 5 Ways to Connect with Latina Moms

In a nutshell, Latina Moms are unique, as they not only make purchases for themselves, but also for their families. They drive household purchase decisions around mealtimes, entertainment, shopping, and more. This means that every industry —from cars to cookies—can benefit from more insight on this sought-after consumer. It’s why Latina Moms have been, currently are, and will continue to be a key target for leading companies.

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