Women’s Market Research
Collage Group’s women’s market research helps brands engage women, as they have tremendous buying power and do most of the household shopping.

Download an excerpt of our women’s market research report, ”CultureRate:Brand: Personal Care”, and read below for the latest consumer insights.

How do you target women consumers?

Women’s buying power in the U.S. was more than $6 trillion in 2019, and they are estimated to control 75% of discretionary spending worldwide by 2028. Women are also known do most of the household shopping.

Yet, most women say that brands and advertisers don’t understand them. And, like all consumers, not all women are alike. Key differences across race, ethnicity and generation impact women’s shopping behaviors.

Collage Group’s proprietary ad testing and brand ranking methodologies provide a measurement of how well brands and ads resonate with women in the New Wave of consumers, the intrinsically diverse segment of consumers aged 18 – 39. With these deep consumer insights, brands can engage women with authentic themes and stories that can drive growth for decades to come.

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