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Collage Group’s media consumer research delivers deep insights into how diverse consumers’ values, behaviors, and responsiveness to brands and ads impacts the media industry. Over 250 brands, representing more than 14 industries, leverage the Collage Group Cultural Intelligence Platform to understand and win consumers across race, ethnicity, generation, sexual identity and gender.

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Category Essentials

Consumers are evolving, and their use of digital media is too.

Recognize how diverse consumers are responding to these changes with this excerpt of our latest Category Essentials release specific to media. This report includes the latest insights on subscription service preferences, media technology use, and more.

Passion Points

Moving beyond total market strategy is essential for engaging with today’s consumer landscape. By focusing on what’s important to the consumer, Collage Group’s Passion Points research fuels at-scale personalization that could deliver immense growth to your brand.

Dive deeper into Passion Points with diverse consumer insights specific to movies and shows.

Dive deeper into Passion Points with diverse consumer insights specific to music and audio.



With a focus on the New Wave of Americans (18-40), the generation setting the pace for growth, CultureRate surveys are measuring ads and brands continuously across the alcoholic beverages industry. The CultureRate database is the largest of its kind available, growing annually by over 200,000 responses or 30 million unique datapoints.


CultureRate:Brand measures brand performance using our proprietary metric, the Brand Cultural Fluency Quotient (B-CFQ). Our deep oversample of diverse Americans offers brand leaders rich insights into how consumers experience their brand(s) across race and ethnicity, sexuality and gender. Use the CultureRate:Brand Explorer tool to discover how diverse consumer segments view brands in the media industry.


CultureRate:Ad measures ad performance using a proprietary metric, the Ad Cultural Fluency Quotient (A-CFQ). It leverages 10+ years of research and expertise in the survey design methods needed to understand diverse America. Built in partnership with 200+ brands across 10 sectors, CultureRate:Ad analyses reveal that culturally fluent advertising can and will resonate across broader audiences if done in an authentic, relatable way.

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Understanding Hispanic American Acculturation

The Hispanic population in the U.S. is large and growing. Understanding the diversity within the segment as well as their priorities is vital for brands and marketers to grow right alongside this critical American consumer segment.

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Essentials of Hispanic Consumers

Collage Group’s Essentials of Hispanic Consumers presentation explores three areas of our consumer fundamentals research: demographics and economic opportunity, identity, and Group Traits.

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